Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dear Prudence,
   Don't tell anyone, but I was watching Couples Therapy on VH1 tonight. They were doing an exercise going around and talking about traumatic or disheartening things that happened in their childhood. Near the end of the session, they showed a video that a teenage boy Noah had made and posted to YouTube. This video is so inspiring and real. Noah is so incredibly brave and honest.

Jonah's video:

I know that so many people relate to Noah and what he is going through. Some people will find anything that makes you different from them and will relentlessly make you feel that because of that, you are not worthy of their love and or respect. We all have the choice to rise above an other's hatred, ignorance or misunderstanding. We all have the ability within ourselves to find a love and respect for ourselves despite what other's tell us. We all have the strength inside of us to keep moving forward even when we have moments when we just want to give up or feel that we can't go on. It is these moments that we prove to ourselves and to the world just how strong we really are. It allows us the opportunity to learn to love ourselves the way we are and it also allows us the opportunity to learn to love others the way they are- no matter how badly they have treated us. We all have the choice to continue on this journey and to continue finding what makes us who we are and loving or accepting every piece of that. We can all keep fighting to carry forward with our heads held high and our hearts full of love and happiness. We can all do this together.

                                                                            Moved and empowered,

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